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How to Format Your Mailing List

File Types (Extensions) We Accept :

  • XLS, XLSX - Microsoft Excel File
  • CSV- Comma Delimited
  • ASC- ASCII Text File
  • TXT- ASCII text file
  • DBF - Database File
  • wk1, .wk3, wks. - Lotus 1-2-3
A file extension is the format a file is saved in. Many common software programs will export and save files  in the formats listed above. A few of these programs are: ACT, Maximizer, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus, Dymo Labelwriter, Filemaker Pro, and Label Maker Pro and custom software. 

Organizing Your Mailing List

Your mailing list files should be set-up so that each address has its own row and each column contains one element of the address. For example, all of the names should be in one column.

Here are examples of CORRECTLY formatted lists :

  Prefex - First - Middle - Last - Suffex - Title - Business - Address-1 - Address-2 - City - State - Zip
First - Middle - Last - Business - Address-1 - City - State - Zip
Current Postal Customer - Address-1 - City - State - Zip

  Lists that are not formatted correctly require reformatting and will incur additional charges.

Submit your mailing list by e-mailing it to info@stuffnmail.com . Be sure to include your company name in subject line.

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